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The work of the healthcare professional - who analyses chemical indicators in the body to provide the doctor with a clearer picture of a patient's health - has long been an unseen aspect of health care. Yet, clinical laboratory tests often provide the link between the patient's presentation of symptoms and the doctor's diagnosis of and prescribed treatment for a particular condition or disease. Through preventative screening, laboratory tests also aid in the early detection of potentially fatal conditions, and in so doing, lead to early treatment. In short, laboratory tests can help both to save lives and to improve the quality of life.

Lab Tests Online-UK has been designed to help you, the patient, to better understand the many clinical laboratory tests that are part of routine care as well as diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of conditions and diseases. Our Patient Resources page describes what you can find on the site and how it can benefit you. The site is the product of a collaboration of professional societies representing the laboratory community. Knowing more about laboratory tests and the challenges surrounding testing is an important step in this direction. We hope that you will find this site a help in taking that step. To ensure that the site will be accepted as a trusted source for medical information, we aim to adhere to the Code of Conduct .This site would not have been possible without the many volunteer hours provided by members of our Board, our Editorial Board and fellow contributing professionals, nor the financial support obtained from a grant awarded by The Health Foundation. We are also extremely grateful to those who set up and produced the original Lab Test Online site in the USA, and allowed us to licence their original design and content.