Lab tests often have a number of names or acronyms by which they may be referenced. If you do not see your test in the menu but think it might be listed by another name or acronym, look in the menu again for the alternative name or try entering it into the Search box.

Here are some helpful hints for using Search:

  • Since some tests (and conditions) are also known by other names, try entering those as well (e.g., Full blood count is also known as FBC; cardiovascular disease is also called CVD).
  • If you are searching a phrase, put quotes around the entire phrase (e.g., "acid-base balance").
  • If you are searching for a proprietary test, you may not find it by the trade name on Lab Tests Online. Try entering the generic name instead.
  • Check your spelling. Our search tool can accommodate some slight misspellings.

If you still cannot find your test after conducting a search, then please Contact Us and tell us on what test(s) you are looking for information.