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Editorial Team

The Editorial team is made up of volunteers from the laboratory and medical professions who are responsible for all editorial content on this website. Other laboratory professionals as well as experts in a particular field are consulted at times to assist the Editorial team in the review of content. All pages are reviewed by a member of the team to verify that the information is accurate and consistent with current UK practice. New pages are prepared by invitation from expert authors and subject to verification and editorial scrutiny by a member of the team.

Thank you to past and present editors as acknowledged in the following list:

Dr Sally Stock (Managing Editor)
Consultant Clinical Scientist

Dr Kate Shipman (Managing Editor Deputy)
Consultant Clinical Scientist

Dr Brian Payne (News Editor)
Former Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Dr Tom Butler (Haematology), Dr Matthew Buckland (Immunology), Dr Charles van Heyningen (Biochemistry), Dr John Schofield (Histopathology), Dr Nicole Corriette (GP), Dr Christopher Holmes (Microbiology), Dr Joe Begley, Dr Callum Livingstone, Dr Shona Twaddle, Andrew S Davison, Prof Anneke Lucassen, Prof Berne Ferry, Dr Bryan Starkey, Dr Joanna Sheldon, Dr Caje Moniz, Charlote Syme, Elizabeth Hall, Dr Heather Barbour, Dr Ian Godber, Dr Jacqueline Osypiw, Dr Joanne Marsden, Dr Joanne Rogers, Dr Malcolm McTaggart, Dr Marta Lapsley, Dr Mike Galloway, Mike Hallworth, Mike Wheeler, Rachel Langworthy, Prof Stephen Halloran MBE, Dr Susan Vickery, Dr Yousuf Karim, Dr Thomas Gillespie, Dr Mark Halloran, Sarah Cleary, Dr Lynn Rowbottom, Dr Will Lester, Dr Moira Kaye, Dr Tim Wreghitt, Paul Griffiths, Dr Helen Holt, Edward Kearney, Louise Lavender, Lorna Miller, Dr Tim Whyatt, Michelle Young, Dr David Stirling, Stuart Jones, Prof Kevin Spencer, Dr Ben Jones, Dr Rashmi Dube, Christopher Holmes, Gillian McGaffin, Dr Kate Shipman, Dr Linda Barton, Dr Ronnie Chee, Sara Jenks, Dr Siraj Misbah, Gayani Weerasinghe, Dr Brian Shine, Arikana Massiah, Neha Bhatnagar, Dr Nigel Lawson, Jane Armer, Jennifer Henderson, Stuart Whitmore, Chris Scott, Tony Oliver, Shabina Khan, Diane Macdonald, Annie Christian, Nosayaba Akpasi, Dr Suryabrata Banerjee, Dr John Honour, Dr Laura Dexter, Dr Mike Jones, Angela Green, Mitzi Blennerhassett, Dr Jessica Watson, Hayder Hussein, Prof Angela Douglas MBE, Prof Stephen Holding, Dr Bryan Woodward, Heather Stoddart, Dr Annie Armston, Dr Tim James, Dr Sunita Sardiwal, Dr Catherine Wight, Dr Jayne Peters, Dr Giovanni Satta, Dr Naomi Rankin, Dr Bendan Payne, Prof Anthony Fryer, Kirsty McChance, Caroline Joyce, Jennifer A Simpson, Victoria Armstrong, Gifty George, Sarah Davies, Ceri Rowe, Dr Margaret McCartney, Dr Robert Shorten, Oliver Clifford-Mobley, Dr Katy McKee, Dr Sarah Linstead, Dr Stephen Richards, Dr Graham P Taylor, Jen Mae Low, Francis Lam, Laila Sayeed, David Sinclair, Kathryn Clarke, Lindsay Graham, Dr Anthony Jackson-Crawford, Ama Kwarteng-Amaniampong, Dr Christopher Boot

Marketing and Promotion Team

Marketing and Promotion Lead & Champion Manager
Rebecca Powney
BSc MSc 
Principal Clinical Biochemist
Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Luton, UK

Marketing and Promotion Deputy Lead & Social Media account manager
Dr Iain Woodrow

Patient group liaison manager
Chris Duff

Primary care liaison manager
Dr Adrian Miller