A rapid test detects susceptibility to deafness in newborns with sepsis if treated with a commonly used antibiotic
NICE provisionally recommended in September 2021 that an RNA-based drug, Inclisiran, be used by the NHS for those people with a high cholesterol (LDL >2.6 mmol/L) who have already had a heart attack or stroke.
A trial of annual screening tests for ovarian cancer in more than 200,000 volunteers aged 50 to 74 without symptoms, found that early deaths were not reduced at 16 years follow-up.
NHS England is funding the wide availability of a genetic test for cancer patients that will warn doctors if treatment with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) is likely to cause severe and potentially fatal side effects
NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) released a joint review on 17 December 2020 that had found no published evidence of a direct link between Covid-19 and vitamin D.
It is hoped that Grail’s Galleri test, which is based on identifying circulating tumour DNA, will provide early diagnosis and save many lives.
A retrospective study of hospital Covid-19 patients receiving early steroid therapy suggests that treatment benefits those with high C-reactive protein (CRP) concentrations
Between 1980 and 2018 cholesterol concentrations in 200 countries fell sharply in high income nations and rose in low- and middle-income nations.
ACB Expert briefing on the role of antibody testing in the control of COVID-19 and the use of viral detection was published by the ACB on 14th May 2020.
Two new studies of COVID-19 in Europe and in the Philippines show associations of low vitamin D concentrations with pulmonary failure and death.