A retrospective study of hospital Covid-19 patients receiving early steroid therapy suggests that treatment benefits those with high C-reactive protein (CRP) concentrations
Between 1980 and 2018 cholesterol concentrations in 200 countries fell sharply in high income nations and rose in low- and middle-income nations.
Two new studies of COVID-19 in Europe and in the Philippines show associations of low vitamin D concentrations with pulmonary failure and death.
ACB Expert briefing on the role of antibody testing in the control of COVID-19 and the use of viral detection was published by the ACB on 14th May 2020.
A review of the present and future of NHS lab testing for COVID-19 was published by the ACB on 30 April 2020.
Lynn Faulds Wood, who died of a stroke on 24 April at the age of 72, was a Scottish television presenter and journalist.
A US study of 1537 women aged 42 to 52 years claims that a highly sensitive blood test for an ovarian hormone, anti-Mūllerian hormone (AMH), can predict the timing of a woman’s last menstrual period.
Research has suggested that a single blood cholesterol measurement in early adulthood can help predict the risk of developing coronary heart disease or stroke by the age of 75.
The RCGP has advised that GPs who are consulted about a patient’s direct-to-consumer test results should use clinical and family history to decide whether to make a referral to an NHS genetics specialist.
Researchers from the universities of Leicester and Nottingham have recently published a new study on a blood test that has the potential of revolutionizing the diagnosis of TB.