Screening Tests for Adults (age 50 and above)

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Not everyone in this age group may need screening for every condition listed here. Click on the links above to read more about each condition and to determine if screening may be appropriate for you or your family member. You should discuss screening options with your health care practitioner.


While not recommended as a general screen, screening for osteoporosis is recommended based on known risk factors.
Up to 70% of fractures in persons aged 45 and older are due to porous bone (osteoporosis). The strongest risk factors for osteoporosis are:

  • being a woman
  • being aged over 60
  • a family history of osteoporosis
  • a history of a low impact fracture
  • loss of height

Other risk factors include:

  • being of Caucasian origin
  • having had an early menopause
  • being underweight
  • having a sedentary lifestyle
  • smoking

It seems that the more risk factors, the greater the risk. The UK National Screening Committee does not currently recommend population screening. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) is carrying out a review of osteoporosis screening.