Screening Tests for Adults

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Not everyone in this age group may need screening for every condition listed here. Click on the links above to read more about each condition and to determine if screening may be appropriate for you or your family member. You should discuss screening options with your health care practitioner.

Prostate Cancer

Currently in the UK there is no organised screening programme for prostate cancer but an informed choice programme "Prostate Cancer Risk Management" has been introduced. Its aim is to ensure that men who are concerned about the risk of prostate cancer receive clear and balanced information about the advantages and disadvantages of the PSA test and treatment for prostate cancer. This will help men decide whether they want to have the test. General Practitioners have received advice about counselling and supplies of patient information sheets. There is also an online decision aid called PROSDEX that describes the facts clearly and will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of having your PSA measured. For further information see the NHS Cancer Screening Website.