Tips on Blood Testing

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You Have Difficulty With Blood Being Taken

For most people, venipuncture is quick, easy, and relatively painless.

Some people, however, have veins that are quite small and difficult to access. Some veins are scarred from repeated punctures to the vein or occluded (blocked). People undergoing chemotherapy, for example may have more difficulty when their blood is taken because their veins have been punctured so often. For these individuals, venipuncture can involve more than one 'stick' with the needle before the blood is successfully taken.

Experienced patients are likely to take a more assertive role in the procedure, telling the person taking the blood the good spots to try or the needles, techniques, or instruments that work well. Women who have had a mastectomy, for example, are likely to tell the phlebotomist which arm to use to avoid the lymph nodes more prone to infection. If you are frustrated by a lack of quick success, try to stay open to the phlebotomist’s suggestions so together you can create a protocol that works well for you.

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