Unvalidated or misleading laboratory tests

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Below is a review of laboratory tests that are frequently misused and promoted direct to consumers for unvalidated purposes. If you have suggestions to add to this list please send them to us at: Contact Us

For more information about how to check if a laboratory is accredited and operating safely: Laboratory accreditation – the basis for confidence

Please see our article here for more information on how laboratory tests are validated, how they should be used and how results should be interpreted.


1. Live blood analysis

2. Salivary hormone tests

3. Metabolic profiles and micronutrient analysis (organic acids, amino acids, antioxidant profiles, vitamins, minerals)

4. Liver detoxification profiles

5. Intestinal permeability profiles

6. Complete digestive stool analysis

7. Hair analysis for toxins and minerals

8. AMAS cancer test

9. Cytotoxic testing (also known as Bryans' or ALCAT testing)

10. Food intolerance/sensitivity testing (Food specific IgG, IgG4)

11. Allergy testing using allergen-specific IgE (RAST test)

12. Candida tests

13. Tests for Lyme disease

14. Gender prediction test