RAS (KRAS and NRAS, all RAS) testing

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Also known as: KRAS, NRAS
Formal name: Kirsten RAS oncogene; V-Ki-ras2 Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog; NRAS (neuroblastoma RAS viral (v-ras)

At a Glance

Why Get Tested?

To determine whether a cancer, usually a large bowel (colorectal) cancer is positive for KRAS or NRAS gene mutation, which helps to guide treatment and determine outcome. RAS gene mutation analysis is also used in the assessment of some other cancer types including head and neck cancer.

When to Get Tested?

If you have been diagnosed with a cancer and your doctor wants to determine whether the KRAS and NRAS genes are mutated in the tumour. If the KRAS or NRAS genes are mutated, the cancer will not be responsive to treatment with RAS targetted therapy.

Sample Required?

A sample of cancer tissue obtained during a biopsy. Generally this test is done on the biopsy taken for initial diagnosis and a second biopsy is not necessary.

Test Preparation Needed?