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Also known as: Lanoxin, Lanoxin-PG
Formal name: Digoxin

At a Glance

Why Get Tested?

To determine if the amount of digoxin in your blood is at an appropriate level or to detect potentially toxic levels

When to Get Tested?

Soon after the start of digoxin therapy and at regular intervals to ensure that drug levels are within the desired range and are not low or at toxic concentrations

Sample Required?

A blood sample collected from a vein in your arm

Test Preparation Needed?

No special preparation is needed, but timing of the sample for testing is important. When you have your blood taken, tell the healthcare professional when you took your last dose of digoxin. You may want to write down the exact time at which you took your dose and when the blood was taken. This information will be useful if your doctor has any questions about your results.