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Content Licensing

Lab Tests Online is copyright protected and owned by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC). Any use of materials on this Lab Tests Online-UK website, including reproduction, modification, distribution or republication, without the prior written consent of both the AACC and the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (ACB), is strictly prohibited. All inquiries regarding the use of content on this website can be submitted using the Contact Us form.

Linking Guidelines

1. AACC encourages other web sites to link to the Lab Tests Online home page and, if contextually appropriate, to pages deeper within the site. We do not charge a fee or ask for anything in return.

2. We do not, however, permit viewing of Lab Tests Online-UK pages within a separately branded environment.

3. All links to Lab Tests Online-UK should either open a new blank window or first clear all contents of the current window before displaying the Lab Tests Online page. The Lab Tests Online-UK URL should appear in the address bar.

We ask that you send us your web site's URL for our records, noting where you have linked to Lab Tests Online-UK. If AACC finds that linking guidelines are not being followed, you will be notified and required to comply.

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