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Included below are news stories posted to Lab Tests Online over the last three years.

Worldwide update on rapid troponin test to rule out heart attack

27 November 2017

Antenatal ‘reflex’ DNA screening for Down’s syndrome

21 November 2017

Could a new blood test help rule out a heart attack more quickly?

16 October 2017

Viral DNA test successfully screened those at high risk of nasopharyngeal cancer

22 September 2017

Lithium present in tap water may protect against dementia

14 September 2017

MHRA seizes HIV home-test kits over false result risk

11 September 2017

Lab Tests Online-UK is recommended by GP’s in Which? magazine

7 September 2017

Blood test for unstable chromosomes can help predict the return of lung cancer

8 May 2017

Lab Tests Online-UK is recommended in report published by the Nuffield Trust

23 January 2017

Child-Parent screening for risk of premature coronary heart disease

19 December 2016

Update on antenatal tests for Down’s syndrome

7 November 2016

A new DNA blood test for Rhesus-D negative women during pregnancy could spare treatment for thousands

9 August 2016

Daily Telegraph article directs readers to Lab Tests Online-UK

7 July 2016

Rapid molecular diagnostic test for drug-resistant tuberculosis may help save lives

26 May 2016

Screening for carriers may reduce hospital-acquired cases of C difficile diarrhoea

24 May 2016

NICE recommends blood tests to help rule out suspected pre-eclampsia

24 May 2016

LTO-UK champion newsletter

1 March 2016

Improvements recommended for NHS screening programmes that use laboratory tests for bowel cancer, cervical cancer and Down’s syndrome

1 February 2016

Screening for ovarian cancer by monitoring cancer antigen 125 (CA-125) needs further assessment

11 January 2016

Genetic test on breast cancer tissue may help some women avoid chemotherapy

8 December 2015

Rapid blood test on arrival in hospital may help rule out heart attack

29 October 2015

Lab Tests Online received ‘Power of A’ Gold Award

20 July 2015

Symptom-based guidance for cancer diagnosis may save thousands of lives

7 July 2015

‘Making Sense of Screening’ released today

3 July 2015

Warning on misleading laboratory tests for allergy

15 June 2015

Earlier detection of ovarian cancer by monitoring serum cancer antigen 125 (CA-125)

19 May 2015

Mother’s blood test for Down’s syndrome DNA is more accurate than current screening methods

23 April 2015

Not all testing is good, and some can be harmful

11 March 2015

Can a laboratory test help smokers decide how to stop?

3 February 2015

Improving the diagnosis of heart attack in women

3 February 2015